Wicked- Witch & Curse (Wicked -1-2) by Nancy Holder

Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked #1-2) by Nancy Holder

Witch (Wicked

Witch (Wicked, #1) by Nancy Holder

Wicked series by Nancy Holder

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Young Adult / Urban Fantasy

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Holly Cathers's world shatters when her parents are killed in a terrible accident. Wrenched from her home in San Francisco, she is sent to Seattle to live with her relatives, Aunt Marie-Claire and her twin cousins, Amanda and Nicole.

In her new home, Holly's sorrow and grief soon give way to bewilderment at the strange incidents going on around her. Such as how any wish she whispers to her cat seems to come true. Or the way a friend is injured after a freak attack from a vicious falcon. And there's the undeniable, magnetic attraction to a boy Holly barely knows.

Holly, Amanda, and Nicole are about to be launced into a dark legacy of witches, secrets, and alliances, where ancient magics yield dangerous results. The girls will assume their roles in an intergenerational feud beyond their wildest imaginations...and in doing so, will attempt to fulfill their shared destiny. ~ Goodreads | Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked, #1-2) by Nancy Holder

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Wicked series:  (with Debbie Viguié) 

  1. Witch (2002)
  2. Curse (2003) 
  3. Legacy (2003)
  4. Spellbound (2003)
  5. Resurrection (2009) 

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✥ Witches, warlock,

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Characters What About
Holly Cathers

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Nancy Holder

Bio: Nancy Holder lives in San Diego with her husband Wayne and young daughter Belle. She is a four-time Bram Stoker award winner for her work in supernatural fiction. ~ Nancy Holder-FF

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Artist: Kamil Vojnar

— source: (Kamil Vojnar - Summary Bibliography) (ISFdb source )

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