Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Differences

How to tell the difference between UF and PNR

The characteristics listed are generally true for most UF or PNR series. Of, course, authors sometimes will break with one of the "rules" or trend of their genre.

Key Characteristics of Urban Fantasy Edit

  • The story plot takes precedence over romance plot.
  • HEA not required—though usually hoped for at the end of a series.
  • One protagonist for the course of the series, There is sometimes a co-protagonist who is not necessarily a romantic interest, could be a sibling or partner.

Key Characteristics of Paranormal Romance Edit

  • The romance plot takes precedence over the story plot
  • Must have an HEA—Happily Ever After.
  • Two protagonists for each book, though in the same universe as the other books.
  • Usually a different pair of protagonists for each book—previous couples may make an appearance—or not.

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Urban Fantasy VS Paranormal R​omance

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