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Tate Hallaway

Bio: A Scorpio with a Leo Rising, Tate Hallaway is an amateur astrologer and practicing Witch. Tate has been a fan of vampire fiction since she first read Poppy Z. Brite in high school. Her first short fiction acceptance was to a vampire ‘zine called Nocturnal Ecstasy Vampire Coven. Tate lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with three black cats. TALL, DARK, AND DEAD is Tate’s first novel. ~ Tate Hallaway.Bio


Urban Fantasy / Chick-Lit PNR / Vampire-Humor / Romance

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Lyda Morehouse (ISFdb)

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Precinct 13 (Stand Alone for now) UF Faeries, psychometrists, vampire-werewolf hybrid, trolls, gargoyles, demon
Vampire Princess of St. Paul (3 books) YA-UF Vampires, witches, vampire hunter
Garnet Lacey (6 books) Chick-Lit PNR / Vamp-Humor-Rom Vampires, Goddess, witches, Vatican witch hunters
Archangel Protocol (2001-4) UF? Angels (written as Lyda Morehouse)

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Artist: Blake MorrowPrecinct 13

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  • “NOTHING goes exactly as planned.Make your OWN destiny” ― Tate Hallaway, Almost to Die For
  • “Let me get this straight. I can't take the vampire with me because if I remove the stake, he can kill us all. Now I can't take the girl because she's what? some kind of ninja witch?” ― Tate Hallaway, Tall, Dark & Dead

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