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✤ Stephen Blackmoore is an author and a blogger. His first novel is City of the Lost, a paranormal noir with zombies, demons, witches, and a lot of action. ~ Penguin

✤ Stephen Blackmoore is a pulp writer of little to no renown who once thought lighting things on fire was one of the best things a kid could do with his time. Until he discovered that eyebrows don't grow back very quickly. His first novel, a dark urban fantasy titled CITY OF THE LOST is out through DAW Books and is available at all the fashionable bookstores. Hopefully some of the seedier ones, too. He would, after all, like to buy a copy. His short stories and poetry have appeared in magazines like Plots With Guns, Needle, Spinetingler, and Thrilling Detective, as well as the anthologies UNCAGE ME and DEADLY TREATS. ~ FF ~ Stephen Blackmoore and Goodreads


  • Urban Fantasy, Fantasy-Horror...

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
City of the Lost (stand Alone) UF / Hor zombies, Zombies, Nazi doctor: shoots flame, razor-toothed midget, bruja (witch), demon, immortal woman
Eric Carter series UF Necromancers, mages, spirits, voodoo loss, zombies, ghosts, magic tattoos, mage mob boss, fire elemental

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Publishers: DAW Trade

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