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Simon Richard Green (born 25 August 1955) is a British science fiction and fantasy author.

Green was born in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. He holds a degree in modern English and American literature from the University of Leicester. He began his writing career in 1973, sold his first story Manslayer in 1976, and published his first full-length work, Awake, Awake, Ye Northern Winds in 1979. Green began his rise to success in 1988 when he sold seven novels and in 1989 when he received a commission to write the bestselling novelization of the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which has sold more than 370,000 copies. Since 1990, Green has written dozens more novels and short stories, placing him among the more prolific science fiction authors to date. He currently resides in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom where he continues to write.

✥ Simon Richard Green is a British science fiction and fantasy-author. He holds a degree in Modern English and American Literature from the University of Leicester. His first publication was in 1979.

His Deathstalker series is partly a parody of the usual space-opera of the 1950s, told with sovereign disregard of the rules of probability, while being at the same time extremely bloodthirsty. ~ Goodreads | Simon R. Green

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Simon R. Green is known for blending humor and horror.

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Series Title Sub Genre Supernatural Elements Note
Nightside series (13 books) UF various inventive supes
Ghostfinders series (4 books) UF Ghosts... companion: Nightside
Secret Histories series (7 books) UF various inventive supes James Bond meets UF
Ishmael Jones Mystery series Para-Myst Fang-tastic Fiction: Ishmael Jones Mysteries - NEW GR
Hawk & Fisher (7 books) Fant-Myst companion: Forest Kingdom
Forest Kingdom (4 books) Fant-Myst companion: Hawk & Fisher
Deathstalker (8 books) Sci-fi companion: Twilight of the Empire
Twilight of the Empire (3 books) Sci-fi companion: Deathstalker

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Genre Key: UF=Urban Fantasy, RUF=Romantic Urban Fantasy, Noir-UF=Noir Urban Fantasy, YA-UF=Young Adult Urban Fantasy, UF-SF=Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi, UF-Hor=Urban Fantasy-Horror, PA-UF=Post-Apocalyptic-UF, Dys-UF=Dystopian Urban Fantasy, Mil-UF=Military-Urban Fantasy, SP=Steam Punk, PNR=Paranormal Romance


  • Mean Streets (2009) “The Difference a Day Makes” — Nightside #9.5 (John Taylor, Liza Barclay, Dead Boy)

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