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S.M. Stirling

S.M. Stirling — Author

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S. M. Stirling

S.M. Stirling — Author

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Epic Fantasy / Urban Fantasy

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Stephen Michael Stirling is a French-born Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author. Stirling is probably best known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series. ~ Goodreads | S.M. Stirling

S. M. Stirling is the national bestselling author of Island in the Sea of Time, Against the Tide of Years, and On the Ocean of Eternity. He was born in France and raised in Europe, Africa, and North America. He currently lives in Santa Fe. ~ S M Stirling - FF

I'm a writer by trade, born in France but Canadian by origin and American by naturalization, living in New Mexico at present. My hobbies are mostly related to the craft? I love history, anthropology and archaeology, and am interested in the sciences. The martial arts are my main physical hobby. ~  S.M. Stirling - About

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Stirling's novels are generally conflict-driven and often describe military situations and militaristic cultures. In addition to his books' military, adventure & exploration focus, he often describes societies with cultural values significantly different from modern western views. One of his recurring topics is the influence of the culture on an individual's outlook and values, with a particular emphasis on the idea that most people and societies consider themselves (mostly) moral. Stirling also has a fascination with technological development, and frequently turns to explorations of this within the context of many of his novels. The Draka (see below) for instance, chose and faced a different imperative in their conquest of Africa, and turned earlier to breech-loading firearms and steam power than the rest of the Western World. The stranded islanders of Nantucket must try to rebuild their technological base once the island is stranded in 1250 BC, while the dazed survivors of the 'Change' now face a world where electricity, firearms, and internal combustion no longer work. Stirling also tends to write strong female characters who have prominent roles within the story.[2] In the past he has frequently collaborated with other authors, including David Drake, Jerry Pournelle, Anne McCaffrey and Raymond E. Feist. ~ S. M. Stirling : Wikis (The Full Wiki)

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Shadowspawn series UF vampires and werewolves
Emberverse (11 books) Fantasy 
Dies the Fire (Emberverse I) series Fantasy
The Change (Emberverse II) (6 books) Fantasy
The Sunrise Lands Series Fantasy
Draka (5 books) Fantasy
The Montival Series Fantasy
The Lords of Creation (2 books) Fantasy
Island in the Sea of Time Fantasy
Raj Whitehall (9 books) Fantasy
T2 (3 books) SciFi

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