Nathália Suellen

Nathália Suellen — Artist

Nathália Suellen — Cover Artist

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Urban Fantasy & Fantasy Photography and Digital Art

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Nathalia Suellen is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she was born and raised. Aged nineteen, she started her own for digital art and photography business. The Lady Symphonia Digital Art style is characterized by fairytale and Gothic-influenced figures cast in supernatural light against their dark, forest environments.

Suellen’s first clients provided her with the opportunity to improve and develop, she recalls, but subsequent work has won her the attention of ‘dark art’ admirers worldwide. Her client list includes major brands and book publishers such as Random House, Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster and McCann Erickson. ~ Nathalia Suellen - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Artist - Digital Artists - Featured -

Urban Fantasy Series, Books & Authors Edit

Series Author Note / LInk
Abby Sinclair series Allison Pang
Nikki Glass series Jenna Black
Entwined Realms series Danielle Monsch
Jinni series Nicole Peeler GR; Top-10

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Client ListEdit

  • Random House
  • Direct Brands Inc.
  • Penguin Group
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Scholastic
  • Mccann Erickson
  • Brown Books
  • Harry N. Abrams Books
  • Harper Collins Publishing
  • GreenWillow Books
  • Orion Publishing Group
  • BMG Columbia House
  • Orbit / Yen Press
  • Imagine Publishing
  • Bundoran Press
  • Entangled Publishing
  • Random House Children’s Book
  • SpencerHill Press
  • Tantor Audio Studios
  • Disdained (Rambo/SonyMusic)
  • Alpine Fault (Rare Breed Records)
  • Raven Quinn (Corvus Entertainment Record)
  • Noturna (Hellion Records)
  • Dark Moor (Scarlet Records)
  • Almah (Scarlet Records)


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