The Nimble Man

The Nimble Man (The Menagerie #1) by Christopher Golden

Menagerie Series by Christopher Golden  and Thomas E Sniegoski.

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Urban Fantasy, paranormal thriller,

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The Menagerie is a dark fantasy novel series written by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski. The Menagerie is made up of legendary characters, each with his or her own powers and mystical, mythical origins. Golden and Sniegoski have taken various characters well-known from literature and mythology and made them their own. ~ The Menagerie (series) - Wikipedia and The Menagerie series - Facebook

Books in Series Edit

Menagerie series:

  1. The Nimble Man (2004)
  2. The Tears of the Furies (2005)
  3. Stones Unturned (2006)
  4. Crashing Paradise (2007)

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Supernatural Elements Edit

Vampires, wizards, shapeshifters, Faeries, elemental faeries, demons, zombies, golem, hobgoblin, goblins, sorcerer, scientist, monsters, changeling, ghosts, Strange phenomena, bloody fog, uber powerful wizard sealed in crystal, downpour of frogs,


  • Changeling

Agents of the Menagerie:Edit

  • Eve: vampire and mother of all vampires & humans
  • Ceridwen: elemental and strong
  • Clay: shapeshifter older than time
  • Squire: the hobgoblin
  • Princess Ceridwen: of Fey—elemental and strong
  • Danny Ferrick: changeling teen

World Edit

The Agents of the Menagerie fight to protect the world when a supernatural crisis occurs. The group includes Eve the mother of vampires, Clay the shapeshifter older than time, Squire the hobgoblin, Princess Ceridwen of Fey, and changeling teen Danny. Strange phenomena are happening as the dark rises under the power of the one calling them. Malevolent creatures roam free as a red mist surround the city cutting off communication with the outside.

Protagonist Edit

Eve is not only what readers assume she is, but also a vampire. She is a ferocious female who takes no prisoners - and happens to have a keen fashion sense. Ceridwen is elemental and strong, but vastly different from Eve in her speech and in her approach to situations. Doyle is intelligent and powerful but also has human traits and flaws, making him more believable and likable than the leaders of some other series. ~ Bildungsroman - The Menagerie

✥ THE MENAGERIE: The Menagerie, that strange collection of supernatural beings lead by immortal sorcerer and alchemistArthur Conan Doyle—is back, and this time, their worst enemies are lurking in the shadows, ready to put an end to their works. Ceridwen, exiled Fey princess, faces off against a legendary half-blood, her age-old nemesis. Eve, the first woman and mother of all vampires, is stalked by a demon she's feared since time began. Squire the hobgoblin is hunted by a shadowy predator. The ghostly Dr. Leonard Graves, pulp-style adventurer turned spectral investigator, and Danny the teenage demon, and even Clay, a shapeshifting golem abandoned when the world was young, likewise encounter their worst nightmares, as the dark forces unite together for a concerted attack upon a long-lost place, the secret heart of all that's good and pure in the world. This may be the battle that the Menagerie, accustomed to being the underdogs, simply can't win. But if they fail, Eden itself will fall, and with it, the world. Doyle and his motley crew must accept some dubious aid, and marshal their dwindling resources in a desperate attempt to prevent disaster . . . all the while knowing that the true fight has yet to occur. Once again, the fate of the world lies in the hands of a bunch of outcasts, oddballs, and monsters. ~ C  Gren Man Review ~ Crashing Paradise

Characters Edit

Characters What About
Arthur Conan Doyle immortal sorcerer and alchemist  Leader of The Menagerie
Eve vampire; first woman and mother of all vampires Menagerie Member—stalked by a demon she's feared since time began
Ceridwen Fey princess Menagerie Member—elemental and strong
Squire hobgoblin Menagerie Member—can travel through shadows
Dr. Leonard Graves ghost Menagerie Member—pulp-style adventurer turned spectral investigator
Danny changeling teen Menagerie's youngest Member—teenage demon
Clay shapeshifting golem Menagerie Member—abandoned when the world was young
Sweetblood world’s most powerful wizard locked himself away so others wouldn’t try to use his power for evil. Doyle needs to find him to stop a coming apocalypse. Someone else is searching for him
evil fey princess wants to release The Nimble Man;
The Nimble Man fallen angel mysterious menace—whose wrath against mankind knows no bounds
Julie Ferrick Danny's mother
Morrigan Ceridwen's aunt

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  • Eve: mother of all vampires
  • Ceridwen: elemental and strong
  • Clay: shapeshifter older than time
  • Squire: the hobgoblin
  • Prince Ceridwen: of Fey
  • Danny: changeling teen

Christopher Golden 2

Christopher Golden

Thomas E. Sniegoski

Thomas E. Sniegoski

Author Edit

Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski

Cover ArtistEdit

Artist: Chris McGrath — Source: Artist's website:

Publishing InformationEdit

  • Publisher: Ace
  • Author Page:
  • Bk-1: Paperback, 344 pages, Pub Sept 28th 2004, ISBN-0441012159

Book Cover Blurbs Edit

BOOK ONE BLURB—The Nimble Man: They are beings of myth and legend. They possess powers beyond imagining. They are our only hope . . . The Menagerie

Behind the facade of a stately Boston brownstone, humanity's last defenses are being marshaled. Called to action by the enigmatic, brilliant man known only as Mr. Doyle, they hail from all planes of existence and are born from an array of supernatural and otherworldly backgrounds and bloodlines. But as the group struggles to come to terms with their shadowy pasts, personal demons, and conflicting loyalties, their greatest challenge awaits them.

Together, they will confront the minions of utter darkness, who have already begun their quest to resurrect the most malevolent of the fallen angels—whose wrath against mankind knows no bounds . . . The Nimble Man. ~ The Nimble Man #1 - Fantastic Fiction

BOOK TWO BLURB—Tears of Fury: Meet the Menagerie - as hodge-podge a mix of other-worldly beings as anyone can imagine. But a sorcerer, a scientist, a sixteen-year-old demon, and the others all have one thing in common: a hunger for justice—no matter what the cost. ~ Goodreads | Tears of the Furies #2

BOOK THREE BLURB—Stones Unturned: A powerful, demonic force seeks Danny Ferrick, a changeling and the youngest member of the Menagerie. Now Doyle's team must race to save their friend from falling into the darkness-and taking all of humanity with him. ~  Goodreads | Stones Unturned #3

BOOK FOUR BLURB—: The Legion of Doom is hell-bent on breaking into Eden, and they've got the perfect captive to help them: Eve, mother of all humanity-and all vampires. Only Doyle and the Menagerie can stop them from turning a blessed garden into a paradise lost. ~ Goodreads | Crashing Paradise #4

First Sentences Edit

  1. The Nimble Man (2004): WITHIN the silent halls of the Boston Antiquities Museum, the shadows were in motion.
  2. The Tears of the Furies (2005): THE morning sun shone across the streets and squares and rooftops of Athens, from Lykavitos Hill to the Acropolis, but the daylight only made the shadowy alleys of the Plaka seem deeper.
  3. Stones Unturned (2006):
  4. Crashing Paradise (2007):

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