The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (2008) by Trisha Telep

Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (2008) — Anthology

Genre and Sub-GenresEdit

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance (PNR) / some Young Adult

~ Many of the authors are known UF writers, the rest are PNR authors—and a light sprinkling of YA authors. 


Vampire Romance

Tag LineEdit

These ain’t your mother’s vampires!

Editor and AuthorsEdit

Editor: Trisha Telep


Sherri Erwin (PNR, Hist), Caitlin R. Kiernan (Horror-UF), Jenna Black (UF), Jenna Maclaine (UF), Raven Hart (PNR), Delilah Devlin (PNR), Keri Arthur (UF), Kimberly Raye (Chick-Lit, PNR), Alexis Morgan (PNR), Lilith Saintcrow (UF), C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp (UF), Susan Sizemore (PNR), Dina Jamese (Paranormal-YA, Shorts), Colleen Gleason (PNR, Steampunk, YA), Barbara Emrys (PNR, Non-Fict), Savannah Russe (PNR), Shiloh Walker (PNR), Vicki Pettersson (UF), Rebecca York (PNR), Rachel Vincent (UF), Amanda Ashley (PNR), Karen Chance (UF), Nancy Holder (PNR, UF, YA).


The biggest names in paranormal romance have created a fascinating array of 30 short stories of hot blood and inhuman passions that will leave you thirsting for more. Authors include Sherri Erwin, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Jenna Black, Jenna Maclaine, Raven Hart, Delilah Devlin, Keri Arthur, Kimberly Raye, Alexis Morgan, Lilith Saintcrow, C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp, Susan Sizemore, Dina James, Colleen Gleason, Barbara Emrys, Savannah Russe, Shiloh Walker, Vicki Pettersson, Rebecca York, Rachel Vincent, Amanda Ashley, Karen Chance, and Nancy Holder. These ain’t your mother’s vampires! ~ Goodreads

Series Edit

Settings Edit


Supernatural Elements Edit

Vampires, dhampire, sorceress, magical mercenary, dreams, deadly lost memories

VAMPIRE VARIETES: vampire virus, vampire hit woman, ancient vampire, vampire slayers, Nichtvahren, vampire soulmate, vampire clans, vampire PI, vampire dental patient, 'vampire' actress, vampire's dreams, vampire masquerade ball, vampires reborn without memories, vampire phantom 'of the opera',  vampire heroes, vampire bad guys. 

List of Stories Edit

Story Title Series and Order Number Author Supes Lead(s)
"Fade to Black" Stand alone  Sherri Erwin vampire, `vampire' virus professor
"Ode to Evdard Munch" Stand alone Caitlin Kiernan vampire, dreams
"Fangs for Hire" Stand alone Jenna Black vampire hit woman
"The Righteous" Cin Craven series 0.5 Jenna Maclaine vampire, sorceress sorceress and a King
"Knowledge of Evil" Stand alone Ravent Hart ancient vampire gorgeous professor
"Viper's Bite" ~PNR My Immortal Knight #6.5 Delilah Devlin vampire, stolen memories lonely woman
"Dreams" Riley Jenson Guardian series #3.5 Keri Arthur vampire, dhampire Quinn's PoV, Riley
"Love Bites" Dead End Dating world #3.5 Kimberly Raye vampire, hereditary vampire slayer
"What's at Stake" stand alone Alexis Morgan vampire legal enforcer
"Coming Home" Dante Valentine series #5.5 Lilith Saintcrow Nichtvahren, vampire Liana, Dante
"To Ease the Rage" stand alone CT Adams & Cathy Clamp undead partner, vampire bad guys police officer
"Dancing with the Star" ~ PNR Susan Sizemore vampire, dreams dancing movie star
"Play Dead" stand alone Dina James vampire
"In Which a Masquerade Ball Unmasks an Undead" stand alone Colleen Gleason vamp-hunter debutante, vampire bad guys Victoria, Rockley
"A Temporary Vampire" stand alone Barbara Emrys vampire, vampire actress
"Overbite" stand alone Savannah Russe vampire vampire dental patient
"Hunter's Choice" The Hunters series ~PNR Shiloh Walker vampire
"The Sacrifice" stand alone Rebecca York vampire
"Remember the Blood" stand alone Vicki Pettersson vampire, reborn sans memories
"The Midday Mangler Meets his Match" stand alone Rachel Vincent vampire teen younger sister
"The Music of the Night" Stand alone Amanda Ashley vampire 'phantom of the opera'
"The Day of the Dead" Cassandra Palmer series 3.1 Karen Chance vampire Thomas
"Vampire Unchained" House of Phoenix Nancy Holder vampire Liam
"A Stand-up Dame" Stand alone Lilith Saintcrow vampire PI
"Untitled 12" Stand alone Cailtlin R. Kiernan vampire, vamp clans sick woman

Synopsis by StoryEdit

"Fade to Black" - Sherri Erwin - A professor's tryst with a gorgeous student brings a whole new meaning to `unsafe sex' when he infects her with the `vampire' virus.

"Ode to Evdard Munch" - Caitlin Kiernan - A man shares his blood with a mysterious vamp for a piece of her dreams.

"Fangs for Hire" - Jenna Black - When a vampire hit woman finds her oh so sexy prey is not what he seems, she just might have to consider rewritting her `contract'.

"The Righteous" - Jenna Maclaine - A sorceress and a King put events in play to establish a group of vampires to police their own, which is the catalyst to bring a vampire and a woman who stakes them together in Paris.

"Knowledge of Evil" - Ravent Hart - An ancient vampire with a passion for learning meets a gorgeous professor who shares his thirst for knowledge.

"Viper's Bite" - Delilah Devlin - A solitary vampire and a lonely woman connect but he must steal her memories to keep her safe.

"Dreams" - Kerri Arthur -  Arthur's Riley Jensen and her sometimes lover vampire Quinn share dreams and danger.

"Love Bites" - Kimberly Raye — Dead End Dating world - a hereditary vampire slayer flunks her final test when instead of finishing off the vampire she's staked she takes him her home to heal.

"What's at Stake" - Alexis Morgan - A legal enforcer must either prove the innocence of the vampire she's secretly loved or she must put him to death.

"Coming Home" - Lilith Saintcrow - Dante Valentine's foster daughter Liana is hired by the Nichtvahren who broke her teenage heart to kill his maker.

"To Ease the Rage" - CT Adams & Cathy Clamp - A police officer will join with her undead partner to find the strength to protect her city from vamps that threaten the peace.

"Dancing with the Star" - Susan Sizemore - A vampire's dreams of a dancing movie star may signal the end of her loneliness.

"Play Dead" - Dina James - A vampire finds his soulmate and challenges the leaders of his clan for the right to choose his own bride.

"In Which a Masquerade Ball Unmasks an Undead" - Colleen Gleason - Gleason's vampire hunting debutante tries to persue her attraction to Rockley while fighting off vamps at a masquerade ball with a little help and snide remarks from Max.

"A Temporary Vampire" - Barbara Emrys - A vampire discovers a captivating `vampire' actress in New Orleans.

"Overbite" - Savannah Russe - A vampire patient gives a dentist a chance to expand his practice to the undead and to pursue his secret fantasies.

"Hunter's Choice" - Shiloh Walker — The Hunters series spin-off short (the leading man is a vampire and a 'hunter'.) - A grieving/vengeful woman turned vamp-slayer must reexamine her beliefs about vamps to keep the star of her passionate dreams when they meet again.

"The Sacrifice" - Rebecca York - A princess becomes a willing sacrifice to a `monster' to save her father's kingdom under seige and gains not only her kingdom's freedom but her own salvation.

"Remember the Blood" - Vicki Petterson - Two vampires are reborn without memories each year but strive to bring forward clues to `remember' each other and their love.

"The Midday Mangler Meets his Match" - Rachel Vincent - An ordinary everyday vampire teen and her younger sister discover a use for their vestigal fangs when they have a run in with a killer.

"The Music of the Night" - Amanda Ashley - A phantom of the opera obssesed woman gets a chance to star in her favorite fantasy when she meets her own phantom.

"The Day of the Dead" - Karen ChanceCassandra Palmer series - vampire Thomas seeks to rid the world of his evil former master and to aide a magical mercenary with a forbidden power to save her missing brother from the evil vamps yearly human hunt.

"Vampire Unchained" - Nancy Holder - The Gifted series/world (Hist-PNR). Vampire Liam's secret negotiations with the House of Phoenix cause him to be accused of treason against his clan, his punishment is imprisonment with his human lover as the only source of blood, but their love holds the key that may free them.

"A Stand-up Dame" - Lilith Saintcrow - A soft touch for a dame in danger, this PI returns from the dead to solve his case.

"Untitled 12" - Cailtlin R. Kiernan - A sick woman searches until a vampire finds her

Goodreads | The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance by Trisha Telep

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