M.L.N. Hanover

M.L.N. Hanover

Daniel Abraham

Daniel Abraham

M.L.N. Hanover — Author

  • aka: Daniel Abraham & James SA Corey 

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  • MLN Hanover: Urban Fantasy
  • Daniel Abraham: Fantasy
  • James SA Corey: Science Fiction: The Expanse with Ty Franck.

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MLN Hanover MLN Hanover is a pseudonym for fantasy writer Daniel Abraham when he’s writing urban fantasy. In addition to The Black Sun’s Daughter series, MLN Hanover has published several short stories.

Bio: Daniel James Abraham (born November 1969) is a prolific American science fiction / fantasy author who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies. His collaboration with Ty Franck under the name James S. A. Corey, Leviathan Wakes, was nominated for the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novel and the 2012 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. His novelette "Flat Diane" was nominated for the Nebula Award. His novelette "The Cambist and Lord Iron: a Fairytale of Economics" was nominated for the Hugo Award and the World Fantasy Award.

Abraham is a graduate of Clarion West Writers Workshop 1998, and sometimes collaborates with George R. R. Martin, another New Mexico resident. ~ Daniel Abraham

Series Edit

Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Black Sun's Daughter series UF

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Genre Key: UF=Urban Fantasy, RUF=Romantic Urban Fantasy, Noir-UF=Noir Urban Fantasy, YA-UF=Young Adult Urban Fantasy, UF-SF=Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi, UF-Hor=Urban Fantasy-Horror, PA-UF=Post-Apocalyptic-UF, Dys-UF=Dystopian Urban Fantasy, Mil-UF=Military-Urban Fantasy, SP=Steam Punk, PNR=Paranormal Romance

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Artist: Cliff Nielsen — Black Sun's Daughter series

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  • Novelette Flat Diane was nominated for the Nebula Award.
  • Novelette The Cambist and Lord Iron: a Fairytale of Economics was nominated for the Hugo Award and the World Fantasy Award. ~ M L N Hanover - FF

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