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Lisa Shearin

Bio: Contrary to popular belief, most authors do have day jobs just like everyone else. Lisa’s happily freelancing for an advertising agency as an editor and proofreader. In her previous corporate life, she’s been a magazine editor, advertising copywriter, and writer of corporate marketing materials of every description.

Lisa is the national bestselling author of The Raine Benares novels, a series of six comedic fantasy adventures. Her next series—The SPI Files—is an urban fantasy that’s been described as Stephanie Plum meets Men in Black. It will debut on December 31, 2013.

Lisa is a voracious collector of fountain pens both vintage and modern. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two spoiled-rotten retired racing greyhounds, and a Jack Russell Terrier who rules them all. ~ Meet Lisa « Lisa Shearin and Goodreads

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
SPI Files series UF Grendel, dragons, vampires...
Raine Benares series Fantasy ?

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Goodreads | Lisa Shearin Quotes (Author of Magic Lost, Trouble Found)

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