Kurt Miller

Kurt Miller is an illustrator and cover artist. 

Website Edit

Kurt Miller Illustration Studio

Type of Cover Art Edit

Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Sci-fi,  Military Sci-fi . . . 

About the Artist Edit

Kurt Miller is a freelance illustrator whose client list includes Activision, Baen Books, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, Simon schuster and Take Two Interactive. He's been in the visual communications field since the 1990's, going back to the early days of Photoshop. For eight years Kurt was an in-house illustrator for a computer gaming company. Currently a self-employed illustrator, you can find Kurt's work on sci-fi book covers or on adventurous board and computer game covers. ~ Kurt Miller's Image Gallery - Digital Artist

Urban Fantasy Series, Books & Authors Edit

Series  Author  Type Publisher 
Monster Hunter International series Larry Correia UF Bean
Dead Six Larry Correia and Michael Kupari Military Fantasy

Urban Fantasy Clients: Publishers Edit

Reference LinksEdit

Official Websites:

Bio / About: 


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