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Keri Arthur — Author of the Riley Jenson Guardian series and Dark Angels series

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Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Author Keri Arthur

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Urban Fantasy / Romantic Urban Fantasy

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Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written more than 25 books. She's received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards, and recently won RT's Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy. She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs. ~ from: Goodreads

❖ I started writing when I was about twelve. I'd just finished reading one of Elaine Mitchell's Brumby books, and hated the fact she killed off my favorite character--so I rewrote the book and changed the ending. I haven't stopped writing since, though it's only in the last few years I've seriously thought about getting published.

In 1997, I placed second in the Washington Romance Writers Novel Beginnings contest (specialty romance) with Heart of the Hunter. In 2000, I was short-listed in the Random House George Turner Prize with Spook Squad (urban fantasy). Dancing with the Devil is my first published book.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm a dessert and function cook by trade. I'm married to a wonderful man who not only supports my writing, but who does all the housework as well. We have one daughter, one dog and a garden full of weeds. When I'm not working or writing, I can be found parked in front of the TV watching re-runs of the X-Files or Buffy. ~ Fantastic Fiction

Series Edit

Series Gen Staus Supernatural Elements
Riley Jenson Guardian series (9 books) Rom-UF 2008-10; Final: 2010 Werewolfs, vampires, shifters, cloning, supernatural espionage 
Dark Angels series (6 books) UF 2011-14; Final: Dec 2, 2014 Aedh, angels, souls, reapers, werewolfs, vampires, witches, psychic, clones
Souls of Fire series UF NEW Series phoenix, seer, vampires
Harri Phillecki, P.I. series (1 book) UF NEW (indie pub eBook) elf, siren, para-PI, ogres, dragon, trolls, dwarves, mages...
Spook Squad series (3 book) UF 2004-5; Reprint: 2014: Aug 26, Sept 30, Oct 28; vampires, shifters, psychic dream-link; Special Investigations Unit
Damask Circle series (3 books) UF, PNR Format 2001-3; Reprint: 2014: Jan 28, Feb 25, April 1; black magic, para-investigators, ghost, sorcerers, witches, werewolf, shifters (different leads each book)
Myth and Magic series (2 book)  Rom-UF Final: 2011 Were-Dragons — Link
Nikki and Michael series (4 books) Rom-UF 2001-04; re-issue: 2011-set Vampires, psychics,
Ripple Creek Werewolf series (2 books) UF 2003-4; re-print: 2012 werewolf reservation

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Other Series Listed Edit

Myth and Magic series:

  1. Destiny Kills (2008)
  2. Mercy Burns (2011)

Nikki and Michael series:

  1. Dancing with the Devil (2001)
  2. Hearts in Darkness (2000)
  3. Chasing the Shadows (2002)
  4. Kiss the Night Goodbye (2004)

Ripple Creek series:

  1. Beneath a Rising Moon (2003)
  2. Beneath a Darkening Moon (2004)

Spook Squad series:

  1. Memory Zero (2004)
  2. Generation 18 (2004)
  3. Penumbra (2005)

Damask Circle series:

  1. Circle of Fire (2001)
  2. Circle of Death (2002)
  3. Circle of Desire (2003)



Trademark Writing StyleEdit

❖ Fast-paced action, strong, kick-ass women. Keri writes strictly Urban Fantasy with dashes of Romance for added spice—her action plots and character development supersedes the romance, though that can be strong, too, with a natural ebb and flow to it. Sexual scenes may frequent her novels, but they never get too graphic or over-done. ~ Hopestar, Admin: UF Wiki

❖ Keri Arthur has such an easy style of writing but manages to produce a plot that sucks you in and keeps you reading. It’s the characters she creates that really make the book a cut above the rest. They are flawed, gifted, and emotional and you can identify with them so easily, you care about them almost from the first page. ~ keri arthur » BookThing!

❖ Each series is quite distinctive, yet Keri Arthur's style always comes through - she has a very natural dialogue and an inventive, deft touch with her characters and plots. She also writes quite lusty main characters! Think James Bond with a bra - just as tough, just as sexy, although they really can't be bothered with the suave and charming bit!. Her Riley Jensen is one of the genre's leading characters. Regardless of the topic and characters, Keri Arthur's writing is a joy to read. She gives us intelligent, well written prose and complex characters and plots. She's an author where you simply buy every book she releases. ~ Keri Arthur Review - Fangbooks Author and Series Reviewed

Process Edit

❖ "Most of my characters just happen, which sounds weird, I know. I’m not a planner–I generally don’t to outlines and I certainly don’t do character profiles. I usually start a novel with an image or a scene in my mind and the characters seem to develop from there. I do tend to like outsiders; though–most of my characters are either half-breeds or have some sort of talent that sets them apart from society." ~ Kings River Life Magazine

Cover Artists Edit

Riley Jensen: (see series page of details)

Dark Angels:

  • Books 1–2: ? (still looking)
  • Books 3-6: Tony Mauro ? 

Souls of Fire Series:

Myth and Magic series:

  1. Destiny Kills (2008) — artist: Larry Rostant
  2. Mercy Burns (2011) — artist: Juliana Kolesova

Nikki and Michael series:

  1. Dancing with the Devil (2001) — artist: (Berni Stevens (2008)?) Juliana Kolesova (2013)
  2. Hearts in Darkness (2000) — artists: Berni Stevens (2008) Juliana Kolesova (2013)
  3. Chasing the Shadows (2002) — artists: Berni Stevens (2008), Juliana Kolesova (2013)
  4. Kiss the Night Goodbye (2004) — artists: Berni Stevens (2008), Juliana Kolesova (2013)

Ripple Creek series:

  1. Beneath a Rising Moon (2003) — artists: Berni Stevens (2008), Juliana Kolesova (2012)
  2. Beneath a Darkening Moon (2004) — artists: Berni Stevens (2008), Juliana Kolesova (2012)

Damask Circle series:

  1. Circle of Fire (2001) — artists: Berni Stevens (2009), (Juliana Kolesova (2012)?-guess)
  2. Circle of Death (2002) — artists: Berni Stevens (2009),
  3. Circle of Desire (2003) — artists: Patricia Lazarus (2003), Berni Stevens (2009),

~ Source: ISFdb ~ Keri Arthur

Publishing InformationEdit

Publishers: Dell, Bantam Spectra, Piatkus, Dell Spectra, Tantor Media,

~ List of publishing info all seriesKeri Arthur - Wikipedia

Quotes Edit

Goodreads | Keri Arthur Quotes (Author of Full Moon Rising)

Awards Edit

  • RT's Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy.

Keri Arthur won the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Urban Fantasy and has been nominated in the Best Contemporary paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards. ~ Keri Arthur Q&A - DARKNESS UNMASKED! - Piatkus Books

~ Arthur's work has been recognised by nominations in the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards in the contemporary paranormal category. In 2009, she won RT Book Review's Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy, in a year where her fellow nominees included Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison. ~ Melbourne Literary / Keri Arthur

Music when Writing Edit

"What sort of music do I write to? Generally, it’s something that will fade into the background and not intrude on the flow of thoughts. When I wrote the first four books of the Riley Jenson series, the music I listened to was Enigma’s MCMXC a.D & The Cross of Changes. There was a moody sexiness to the music that really suited the first few books. But by the time the fourth book rolled around, I was feeling the need for something different. A Google search through various styles of alternative music led me to Eco Zen 2, and that became my new writing music. It’s hard to classify the music in Eco Zen 2—iTunes has it listed as rock, but it’s not really. It’s also pop, alternative, and electronic, all rolled into one. As they say on the One World Music website, it’s full of luscious beats and sensual vocals. For me, it was perfect, and that became the soundtrack for not only the next five Riley Jenson books, but also the two Myth and Magic books.

But when it came to the Dark Angels series, I felt the story needed a little extra something. I wanted a song that spoke to the journey Risa Jones, our heroine, was about to undertake. When I heard Melissa Etheridge’s “Into the Dark,” it was practically perfect—it spoke of Risa’s physical and emotional journey in so many ways.

With Darkness Rising (book 2), I added The Heavy’s “Short Change Hero.” For Darkness Unmasked (book 5), Neil Finn’s Song of a Lonely Mountain was added (the longing for home and place seemed appropriate). And for Darkness Splintered, the 6th and penultimate book in the series, I added Black Lab’sWeightless. Again, the lyrics were very appropriate for Risa’s current state of being."

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of song I add for the final book, Darkness Falls.

—Keri Arthur ~ Keri Arthur - Penguin Books USA

Notes Edit

Getting Published; "My first book was published in 2001—eleven years after I decided to get serious about my writing. That book was Dancing with the Devil, and it was published with a small US e-press called ImaJinn. I ended up publishing 12 novels and 1 novella with them, all before the Riley Jenson Guardian series was sold. Bantam recently purchased the paperback rights for the 12 ImaJinn novels, and is re-releasing them this year and next." ~ Kings River Life Magazine

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