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Incorrectly named as artist of ReVamped: Void City series by J. F. Lewis at: Void City series and ISFdb List John Vairo

John Vairo Jr. |


I can't find anything of significance on this artist. There is a contradiciton as to who hte artist is for the Void City series by J.F.Lewis.

The cover piece for ReVamped (Void City #2) is listed as John Vairo Jr. in two places:

And, it is on Gene Mollica's Gallery #3—and at the author's site as be Mollica's piece.

It raises the question as to whether John Vairo, Jr. and Gene Mollica are the same person publishing different types of art under different names‚the same way many author's do. No confirmation cane found online either way.

— If anyone knows more about this matter and/or more about John Vairo, Jr., please add to this page.

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