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Jenn Bennett

Jenn Bennett

Jenn Bennett is the author of the Arcadia Bell series

Website Edit

Jenn Bennet ~ Main

About the Author Edit

JENN BENNETT is an award-winning visual artist. She believes rebellion is an under-appreciated art form, has conjured up more demons than you've had hot lunches, and likes her fairy tales like she likes her coffee: dark. Kindling the Moon, the first in a new series for Pocket Books featuring the irresistible heroine Arcadia Bell, is her debut novel. She lives near Atlanta with her husband and two pugs. ~ FF

Series Edit

Series Title Sub Genre Supernatural Elements
Arcadia Bell series UF demons, spirits,
Roaring Twenties PNR medium, ghosts, curseworker; set in Roaring 1920s San Francisco

Genre Key: UF=Urban Fantasy, RUF=Romantic Urban Fantasy, Noir-UF=Noir Urban Fantasy, YA-UF=Young Adult Urban Fantasy, UF-SF=Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi, UF-Hor=Urban Fantasy-Horror, PA-UF=Post-Apocalyptic-UF, Dys-UF=Dystopian Urban Fantasy, Mil-UF=Military-Urban Fantasy, SP=Steam Punk, PNR=Paranormal Romance

Other WritingsEdit

Roaring Twenties series—PNR:

  1. Bitter Spirits (2014)
  2. Grim Shadows (June 3rd 2014)
  3. Grave Phantoms (?)


  • The Night Owls (2015) — Young Adult


  • none yet

Cover Art: ArtistEdit

Artist: Tony Mauro

External References Edit






Gallery of Book Covers Edit

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