Jane Yellowrock

Jane Yellowrock

Jane Yellowrock character — Lead Protagonist in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter

About the Character Edit

Profession: Vampire Hunter, Security Expert

Species: Human - Shapeshifter. Cherokee skinwalker.

Abilities: Shapeshifiting, ability to heal self through shapeshifiting

Character / Personality

Physical Descripton: Full-blood Cherokee. Dark hair, dark skin, angular features, yellow eyes. Tall (about 6' with hip-length hair.

Connections Edit


Siblings: None known.

Friends:Molly Trueblood

Love Interests: George "Bruiser" Dumas, Rick LeFleur 

Spouses / Mates:

Boss(es): Leo Pellisier

Co-workers: Eli Younger, Alex Younger

Enemies: Everyone at one point or another



Basic BiographyEdit

Major Events and ChangesEdit



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Gallery Edit

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