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The original version of this post was a jokey fake bio, but apparently people hate that? For some reason? So, here’s my real bio, which is so unbelievably dull that you’ll all long for the stupid list of potentially lethal non-adventures that used to be here:

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, where my formative years were influenced by Dr. Shock, Wee Willie Weber, and endless the endless criticism and mockery of my parents (not necessarily in that order). I graduated from Temple University (which was a mistake) which led to pretty much no gainful employment at all. In 1989, I moved to Seattle. Gainful employment was still thin, but the internet gave me what I needed to make my life-long dream of writing fiction for a living come true. For now, anyway. I’ve spent the last 20+ years with my amazing wife and we are homeschooling our only child. I’m a huge fan of our wonderful local library system, which I support through book donations and the occasional late fee.

My books are (mostly) a mix of fantasy and crime novel. If that sounds interesting to you, why don’t you click on that link in the sidebar all about them? My first three published novels were put out through Del Rey. My current publisher is me. My agent is Caitlin Blasdell at Liza Dawson & Associated. ~ Who is this guy? | Harry Connolly

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Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror, SciFi, Crime–Fantasy

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Series Title Sub Genre Supernatural Elements
Twenty Palaces series UF Sorcerers, golem flesh, magic tattoos, rituals, magic artifacts, ghost knife, werewolves, magic tomes,

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Chris McGrath

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Publishers: Del Rey

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