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Early Urban Fantasy / Fantasy Noir / High Fantasy / Science Fiction

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  • Genres: Fantasy, Early-Urban Fantasy 

About: Glen Cook is an American science fiction and fantasy author, best known for his fantasy series, The Black Company. Cook currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. ~ SFF AUTHOR Glen Cook | Fantasy Literature: Fantasy and Science Fiction Book and Audiobook Reviews

Bio: Born in 1944, Glen Cook grew up in northern California, served in the U.S. Navy, attended the University of Missouri, and was one of the earliest graduates of the well-known "Clarion" workshop SF writers. Since 1971 he has published a large number of Science Fiction and fantasy novels, including the "Dread Empire" series, the occult-detective "Garrett" novels, and the very popular "Black Company" sequence that began with the publication of The Black Company in 1984. Among his science fiction novels is A Passage at Arms.

After working many years for General Motors, Cook now writes full-time. He lives near St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife Carol. ~ Glen Cook | Authors | Macmillan

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Garrett Files series Early UF / Fantasy Noir Magic, half-elf, frog-like grolls, wizard, faeries, elves, trolls, pixies, ogres', dwarves...
Chronicles of the Black Company series (14 books) Epic Fantasy sorcerers and demigods
Dread Empire (8 books) Epic Fantasy wizards,
Last Chronicle of the Dread Empire (3 books) Epic Fantasy
Instrumentalities of the Night (4 books) Epic Fantasy Imps, demons, dark gods, magic
Starfishers Trilogy (4 books) Space Opera, Fantasy-Sci-fi
Darkwar (3 books) Fantasy with Sci-fi elements: space battles

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