Dancing With Werewolves (Delilah Street -1) by Carole Nelson Douglas

Dancing With Werewolves (Delilah Street #1) by Carole Nelson Douglas

Delilah Street series by Carole Nelson Douglas

Genres and Sub-GenresEdit

Urban fantasy / UF-Chic-Lit

Series Description or Overview Edit

✥ At the dawn of the new millennium everyone was concerned with the threat of Y2K. Instead of computers crashing worldwide however, vampires and other so-called mythical creatures stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight. ~The Symposium

BOOK ONE—Dancing with Werewolves (2007): It was the revelation of the millennium: witches, werewolves, vampires and other supernaturals are real. Fast-forward 13 years: TV reporter Delilah Street used to cover the small-town bogeyman beat back in Kansas, but now, in high-octane Las Vegas—which is run by a werewolf mob—she finds herself holding back the 'gates of Hell itself. But at least she has a hot new guy and one big bad wolfhound to help her out. ~ Dancing With Werewolves

Lead's Species Edit

  • paranormal investigative reporter

Primary Supe Edit

  • witches, werewolves, vampires

What Sets it ApartEdit

Narrative Type and Narrators Edit

  • First person narrative told by Delilah Street, protagonist.

Books in Series Edit

Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator:

  1. Dancing with Werewolves (2007)
  2. Brimstone Kiss (2008)
  3. Vampire Sunrise (2009)
  4. Silver Zombie (2010)
  5. Virtual Virgin (2011)

Shorts, Anthologies and GuidesEdit

World Building Edit

Settings Edit

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Wichita, Kansas

Other Places:

  • Inferno: casino—owner: Snow
  • Enchanted Cottage
  • Sunset Park: in Las Vegas
  • Virginia
  • Juarez
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • Hollywood
  • Sunset City
  • Lake Convent School
  • Juarez
  • California
  • Emerald City Hotel
  • Babylon

Supernatural Elements Edit

Witches, magic mirror-walking, magical wolfhound, witches, werewolves, vampires, demons, zombies, CinSims, necromancer, powers related to silver, female robot, doppelgängers, resurrection–reanimation, vampire and werewolf mobs, gates of Hell, mummy-pharaohs, Lip Venom, skeleton lovers, shape-changing jewelry, pack of hyenas, weather witch, supernatural monster,

  • CinSims: Cinematic Simulations— are a result of a merging of zombies with classic film stars brought back to "life" to serve whoever purchases their bodies;
  • Mirror Walking: ability to pas through to the "other side"
  • Millennium Revelation: when supes came out to the world
  • Dolly: Delilah's '56 black Cadillac— red leather interior, a white ragtop
  • Mummies: pharaohs/mummies were vampires
  • Immortality Mob: resurrects the dead and imprints black-and-white filmscreen actors onto the zombies

World / Protagonist Edit

The heroine combines strength and sassiness of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake with the magical mirror walking of Alice (the one from Wonderland). She is also a bit headstrong and doesn't think things through very well. Paranormal investigator (and former television reporter) Delilah faces supernatural bad guys and solves paranormal mysteries in 2013 Las Vegas, more than a decade after the Millennium Revelation—when the world learned that supernatural creatures are real.

Delilah begins the series mostly human, but she soon begins to develop powers related to silver (thus, the mirror walking, since mirrors are backed with silver). As Delilah says, "Reflective surfaces had been my friend since I'd come to las Vegas in search of my roots. If it shone, glittered, and reflected, I'd always been able to pass through, even if I'd reach the other side bleary and confused. And Vegas had been built on shine, glitter, and glitz." (Virtual Virgin, p. 70)

Delilah Moves to Las Vegas primarily to find a woman (Lilith Quince) who seemingly is her identical twin. She saw the girl on a TV show called CSI, but this isn't the CSI currently on television in our world. Delilah explains: "Lilith supposedly was one of the TV series' actual corpses, who kill themselves for the immortality of being taped during their autopsy on the number one show in the world." (Virtual Virgin, p. 110) Lilith, however, is not dead, and Delilah is determined to get to know her better and to discover just what their relationship is. ~ Fang-tastic


✥ During the time that supernatural creatures stepped out to the world, Delilah was growing up in the custody of the state. She was found as an infant and was named after the street she was found on–Delilah. Mystery is, there are no “Delilah” streets in Wichita. Her pale skin attracts vampires like a magnet and Delilah spent most of her traumatizing childhood trying to avoid becoming someone’s dinner. Now, years later Delilah is an investigative reporter working the paranormal beat on the television station, WTCH TV, in Wichita, KS. She has a Lhasa Apso named Achilles, is dating the vampire anchorman of her television station. ~ The Symposium

✥ Paranormal investigator. An unadopted orphan from Wichita, Kansas, who sees her double as a corpse on CSI: Las Vegas and goes to what has become Supernatural Sin City to track her down. ~ Shelfari

Sidekick Edit

  • Name: Quicksilver / What: magical wolfhound / Sidekick-to: Delilah Street / About: faithful / Book First Seen: Dancing with Werewolves (2007)

Characters Edit

Characters What About
Delilah Street Paranormal PI, mirror walker, former TV reporter powers related to silver; moved to Vegas to investigate a woman who looks like her;
Quicksilver magical wolfhound, Sidekick faithful, backs her up in her battles, heals her afterward; adopted from the Las Vegas ASPCA; jealous of Ric; later protective of Ric; healing powers; strong need to protect Delilah;
Ric Montoya, aka Cadaver Kid Delilah's crime-fighting partner "Cadaver Kid": necromantic abilities; Hispanic ex-FBI agent who can locate and raise dead bodies; Delilah's lover; gift for discovering the dead; enslaved by a demon at the age of four;
Hector flesh-eating ghoul Delilah's eccentric landlord;
Snow (aka Christophe) owns Inferno casino; rock star intense interest in Delilah, gives lock of his hair; band: Seven Deadly Sins; turned Lilith, a.k.a., Maggie, into an international sex symbol
Lilith Quince, aka Maggie Delilah's doppelganger signed up to play an autopsied victim for Hector's CSI; looks exactly like Delilah; hiding out in mirrors and framing Delilah for her kills;
Hector Nightwine producer of CSI hidden agenda; agoraphobic;
Irma subconscious girlfriend
Godfrey CinSim Nightwine's butler; secret alliance with Delilah;
Detective Haskell policemen old-school, obnoxious, prejudiced, corrupt outlook;
Captain Kennedy Malloy Detective friend of Ric's; she might have a thing for Sansouci;
Vilma Brazil CinSim B-movie actress currently working wardrobe at the Twin Peaks
Hugh Hefner oldest vampire still in Las Vegas
Grady Bahr Las Vegas coroner asks Delilah to call him "Grisly"; deal with Nightwine Productions;
Nick Charles CinSim at Inferno help Delilah with her investigations, break-ins, and escapes
Invisible Man, Claude Rains CinSims at Inferno help Delilah with her investigations, break-ins, and escapes
Cesar Cicero werewolf mob boss "requires" Delilah to work for him as part of a magic act; Daughter: Loretta
Grizelle shapeshifter Snow's bodyguard; white tiger;
Sansouci Snow's hitman; vampire seems to have a sympathy for Delilah; helps her fight were bk-2; daytime-walking vampire held hostage by and working for Cicereau;
Madrigal magician works for Snow (his pet); two assistants: Sylphia and Phasia
Sylphia fey Assistant with Phasia to Madrigal the magician in his act
Phasia fey Assistant with Sylphia to Madrigal the magician in his act
Caressa Teagarden child vaudeville act a.k.a., Lilah Lockhart; supposed to be interviewed in Kansas by Delilah
Kepherati and Kephron Egyptian twin vampires; ancient mummy pharaohs; have their own prospect in mind for resurrection night; abduct Ric; too interested in Delilah and Ric;
Perry Mason CinSim Delilah's defense attorney
Peter Lorre as Dr. Ugarte CinSim seems conflicted about his service to Kepherati (she) and Kephron (he) when he sends a cryptic warning to the Invisible Man
Basil Rathbone CinSim Sherlock Holmes helps D's case with Invisible Man
Ricardo Montalbán CinSim Latin lover helps D's case with Invisible Man
Loretta Cicero Cesar's dead Daughter bewitching all the monitors in his casino; Cesar hired Delilah to stop her; ghost of the teen daughter her father had tortured and murdered
Philip and Helena Troy Burnside Ric's "foster" parents he's military and she's a doctor of psychology with some very particular and intuitive skills
Shezmou Anubis' headman helps along with Bez,a dwarf god
Bez dwarf god helps along with Shezmou, Anubis' headman
El Demonio Torbellino gang leader leader of the zombie-selling gang of Ric's childhood
Leonard Tallgrass Native American and a former FBI colleague of Ric's wants Delilah to liberate from the Wichita TV studio
Lili West Caressa's not-so-identical twin Delilah interviews her to see how these twins fit into her own life
Dr. Helena Burnside Ric's foster mother, psychic attorney with the U.S. Attorney General's office in D.C.
Ben Hassard mind behind Emerald City
Shezmou Egyptian wine god Lord of the Slaughter in Egyptian mythology; opening his own shop in Vegas with Delilah as his partner
Sheena Coleman wicked weather witch WTCH-TV in Kansas, called up the tornado: drove Delilah out of Kansas
Undead Ted Brinkman anchorman/vampire Sheena wanted Ted and didn't want Delilah to have him
Eddie Anderson Wichita cameraman friend of Delilah's
Mrs. Haliburton group homes in charge of group homes in Wichita when Delilah was young.
Ermengarde Wallace Mother Superior Our Lady of the Lake convent school; aka Sister Regina Caeli;
El Demonio Torbellino Ric's former "owner" expanding his field of operations
Vida Delilah's mother her tale is a longevity shocker with all sorts of branching pathways
Tallchief Ric's mentor goes with Ric to Juarez, Mexico, battle with Torbellino (aka El Demonio) and his zombie army
Torbellino, aka El Demonio Mexican demon druglord Ric and Tallchief head for Juarez, Mexico, battle with him and his zombie army

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Carole Nelson Douglas

Carole Nelson Douglas

Source: Goodreads | Delilah Street series by Carole Nelson Douglas

Author Edit

Carole Nelson Douglas

Bio: Carole Nelson Douglas, author of more than fifty fantasy and science fiction, mystery, mainstream, and romance novels, was an award-winning reporter and editor for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. After writing some bestselling high fantasy novels and SF thrillers, she imported fantasy notions into her Midnight Louie mystery series, which features a hard-boiled Las Vegas PI who’s a feline “Sam Spade with hairballs.” Her Irene Adler historical series made Carole the first author to use a woman from the Sherlock Holmes stories as a protagonist in the 1991 New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Good Night, Mr. Holmes. She’s won or been short-listed for more than fifty writing awards in nonfiction, sf/fantasy, mystery, and romance genres, including several from the Romance Writers of America and Romantic Times BOOKreviews magazine, and the Cat Writers’ Association. In 2008, RT BOOKreviews magazine named Carole a “pioneer of the publishing industry. Carole and husband Sam Douglas, a former art museum exhibitions director and kaleidoscope designer, are kept as pets by five stray cats and a dog in Fort Worth, Texas. She collects vintage clothing, and does a mean Marilyn Monroe impersonation, and, yes, she does dance, but not with werewolves. As far as she knows. ~ Official Publisher Page

Bio: She began writing fiction in the late 1970s. The late director/playwright/novelist Garson Kanin, a pleased interview subject, took her first novel to Doubleday and it sold shortly after. Amberleigh is a post-feminist historical Gothic novel. Douglas has always addressed women's issues in her fiction and preferred mixing genres from contemporary to historical mystery/thriller, romance and women's fiction, and high and urban fantasy. ~ Wikipedia

Cover ArtistEdit

Artist: Gordon Crabb (books 3–5 confirmed)

Publishing InformationEdit

Book Data: 

  • Bk-1:Paperback, 400 pages, Publ. Oct 30-2007, ISBN-0809572036

Book Cover Blurbs Edit

BOOK ONE—Dancing with Werewolves (2007): It was the revelation of the millennium: witches, werewolves, vampires and other supernaturals are real. Fast-forward 13 years: TV reporter Delilah Street used to cover the small-town bogeyman beat back in Kansas, but now, in high-octane Las Vegas—which is run by a werewolf mob—she finds herself holding back the gates of Hell itself. But at least she has a hot new guy and one big bad wolfhound to help her out. ~ Dancing With Werewolves

BOOK TWO—Brimstone Kiss (2008): Delilah and her partner—tall, dark, handsome, and Hispanic ex-FBI guy Ric Montoya—are busy solving a 'Romeo and Juliet' double-murder and she's got plenty more to deal with: vampires, werewolves, and tigers, oh my! ~ Goodreads | Brimstone Kiss (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, #2) by Carole Nelson Douglas

BOOK THREE—Vampire Sunrise (2009): Werewolf mobsters and vampires run Vegas, but that's yesterday's news for Delilah Street, paranormal investigator. What's truly fearsome is her bloody discovery of an undead evil rooted in ancient Egypt. Now, with her lover Ric fighting for life after a grim battle, the chips are down.vBut Delilah is a born winner who has never let a little danger throw off her game, and she's been learning fast since she came to Sin City. Her affinity for silver is making mirror-walking a real breeze, and being forced to accept the albino rock star sorcerer Snow's Brimstone Kiss has ramped up her powers to a startling new level. With the help of her trusty uber-wolfhound Quicksilver, not to mention the orange demon parking valet Manny, Delilah is determined to solve even more paranormal secrets, and hopefully save the few innocents left in town. But can Delilah win her high-stakes gamble for life and love against ancient gods and lethal supernatural odds? ~ Goodreads | Vampire Sunrise (Delilah Street #3) by Carole Nelson Douglas

BOOK FOUR—Silver Zombie (2010): Zombies and Witches and Vamps . . . Oh, My! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—at least that’s Delilah Street’s hope. With Sin City’s vampire and werewolf mobs wanting to cash in her chips once and for all, she’s retreating with her partner Ric Montoya and half-wolfhound Quicksilver to her Kansas birthplace. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding trouble, there’s no place like home. . . . It doesn’t take long before Delilah realizes she’s not in Vegas anymore. Zombie cowboys and spectral cattle drives are kicking up dust, the local weather girls are total witches who forecast perfect storms, and some Hollywood fanatic is recasting zombies as the greatest stars of the silver screen. And speaking of silver, Delilah’s special affinity for the all-purpose monster-repellent leads her posse straight down a silver brick road—and into a notso-fun house of mirrors—putting her face-to-face with her dicey past and a mystery woman named Lilith, who’s a real dead ringer for Delilah. The key word being dead. ~ Goodreads | Silver Zombie (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, #4) by Carole Nelson Douglas

BOOK FIVE—Virtual Virgin (2011): She’s Like a Virgin . . . Simulated for the Very First Time.  For a red-blooded male, Las Vegas offers a virtual smorgasbord of temptation: sexy showgirls, vampy vampires, zombie starlets, you name it. But paranormal investigator Delilah Street isn’t worried about losing her man to these vixens. Especially when the one woman with a soft spot for the guy also has a hard-shelled exterior. . . . She’s a robot—or a CinSim, to be exact—a near-perfect simulation of the silver-metal robot Maria from the classic science fiction movie Metropolis. Part innocent teenage actress, part depraved sex goddess, the new Maria is hooked on Delilah’s partner, Ric, who raised her from the dead. She also happens to be the perfect secret weapon for a demonic drug lord. Which could be one hell of a problem. Delilah’s not the jealous type, but this tin-can temptress must be stopped—even if it forces Delilah to forge a dangerous alliance with her wicked mirror-twin, Lilith. If robo-girl goes ballistic, every player in Vegas loses. . . ~ Goodreads | Virtual Virgin by Carole Nelson Douglas

First Sentences Edit

  1. Dancing with Werewolves: "Authorities assert," I said clearly into the microphone I held, "that medical examinations will reveal this as just the scene of another rural juvenile prank, nothing more."
  2. Brimstone Kiss: Not every modern career girl can have her rented house blown away by a jealous weather witch in Kansas one week and end up in the post-Millennium Las Vegas sleeping in an enchanted cottage the next.
  3. Vampire Sunrise: Dead tired, I headed "home" in the early evening Las Vegas Strip traffic.
  4. Silver Zombie: A coyote yipped in the desert night surrounding Las Vegas.
  5. Virtual Virgin: The Cadaver kid isn't such a kid anymore and he isn't in the FBI anymore either.

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Goodreads | Carole Nelson Douglas Quotes (Author of Good Night, Mr. Holmes)

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Delilah Street Reviews:

1. Dancing with Werewolves:

2. Brimstone Kiss:

3. Vampire Sunrise:

4. Silver Zombie:

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