Curran Lennart--- Character

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Beast Lord of the Pack

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Shapechanger - A Large gray Lion marked by faint smoky stripes.

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5'10 Grey Eyes that often sparked golden, Blond hair, cut too short to grab. Gives an impression of coiled power. Easy, balanced stance. Has a strong square jaw and his nose is narrow with a misshapen bridge, as though it had been broken more than once and hadn't healed right. His back was broad and corded with muscle, showing the power and strength a man developed in his early thirties.

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Curran commanded a force of three hundred and thirty-seven shapechangers in Atlanta alone He wasn't in charge because he was the smartest or the most popular; he ruled because of those three hundred and thirty-seven he was unquestionably the strongest. He was in charge by the right of might; that is, he had yet to meet anyone who could kick his ass.

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