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Christopher Golden was voted the third most popular science fiction author of the year 2000 by the readers of SFX magazine. He is the author of several dark fantasy novels and comic books in addition to numerous Buffy the Vampire Slayer adult novels and reference books which have made him a major UK bestseller.

  • Christopher Golden specialises in teenage horror stories.

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  • "Eloquent, visual and commanding, easy-to-read flow and fast-pacing — an author in his prime, in total control of a story characterized by elegant prose, tight pacing and a wickedly active imagination. ~ Fantasy Book Critic

Series Edit

Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements Co-Author
Shadow Saga series UF
Veil series UF
Menagerie Series UF Thomas E Sniegoski (Remy Chandler)
Prowlers Series UF werewolf-like beings, Boston
Outcast pre-teen fantasy dragons Thomas E Sniegoski)

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Urban Fantasy AnthologiesEdit

As Editor ~ Anthologies

  • Dark Duets
  • 21st Century Dead
  • The Monster's Corner
  • The New Dead
  • British Invasion (edited by Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, and James A. Moore)
  • Hellboy: Odd Jobs
  • Hellboy: Odder Jobs
  • Hellboy: Oddest Jobs

~ Christopher Golden has many series and stand-alone novels that he's written or contributed to—far to many to list here. Links in References to full lists.

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"...could easily be adapted into various formats, i.e. major motion picture, comic books, videogames and so forth, something of which Mr. Golden has had experience in with his prolific, medium-spanning background (bestselling novels, popular comic books, videogames, television, etc.)." ~ Fantasy Book Critic

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