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The fore-runner to contemporary Urban Fantsasy and Vampire Fiction. ❖ The author of the immensely popular Count Saint-Germain series, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has established a distinguished reputation in several genres, including horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, young adult and western, as well as nonfiction.

In addition to her novels and full-length nonfiction works, she has published more than sixty short stories and more than two dozen essays. Her work ahs been translated into more than twenty languages and she has received the Fine Foundation Award for versatility and literary excellence. Ms. Yarbro lives in her hometown of Berkeley, California. ❖ ~ More: About C.Q. Yarbro, Author's site

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Saint-Germain series Vampire fiction, Horror (27 books) Vampires
Atta Olivia Clemens (3 books) Vampires
Madelaine de Montalia (2 books) Vampires

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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is one of only two women ever to be named as Grand Master of the World Horror Convention (2003). She is the recipient of the Fine Foundation Award for Literary Achievement (1993) and (along with Fred Saberhagen) was awarded the Knightly Order of the Brasov Citadel by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula in 1997. In 1995 Yarbro was the only novelist guest of the Romanian government for the First World Dracula Congress, sponsored by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, the Romanian Bureau of Tourism and the Romanian Ministry of Culture. She has been nominated for the Edgar, World Fantasy, and Bram Stoker Awards and was the first female president of the Horror Writers Association. Her manuscripts are being archived at Bowling Green University. Yarbro is one of the first women to have made a successful and long career writing modern supernatural fiction. ❖ ~ Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - FF

A professional writer for more than forty years, Yarbro has sold over eighty books, more than seventy works of short fiction, and more than three dozen essays, introductions, and reviews. She also composes serious music. Her first professional writing - in 1961-1962 - was as a playwright for a now long-defunct children's theater company. By the mid-60s she had switched to writing stories and hasn't stopped yet.

After leaving college in 1963 and until she became a full-time writer in 1970, she worked as a demographic cartographer, and still often drafts maps for her books, and occasionally for the books of other writers.

She has a large reference library with books on a wide range of subjects, everything from food and fashion to weapons and trade routes to religion and law. She is constantly adding to it as part of her on-going fascination with history and culture; she reads incessantly, searching for interesting people and places that might provide fodder for stories.

In 1997 the Transylvanian Society of Dracula bestowed a literary knighthood on Yarbro, and in 2003 the World Horror Association presented her with a Grand Master award. In 2006 the International Horror Guild enrolled her among their Living Legends, the first woman to be so honored; the Horror Writers Association gave her a Life Achievement Award in 2009.

A skeptical occultist for forty years, she has studied everything from alchemy to zoomancy, and in the late 1970s worked occasionally as a professional tarot card reader and palmist at the Magic Cellar in San Francisco.

She has two domestic accomplishments: she is a good cook and an experienced seamstress. The rest is catch-as-catch-can.

Divorced, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area - with two cats: the irrepressible Butterscotch and Crumpet, the Gang of Two. When not busy writing, she enjoys the symphony or opera. ❖ ~ ◊◊ Chelsea Quinn Yarbro ◊◊

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The vampire as a misunderstood romantic hero picked up steam in the later part of the 20th century, particularly in the United States. In 1978 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro began publishing her series of Count Saint-Germain books, the main character of which is a vampire of moral character whose bite is an erotic experience. In many tales vampires are characterized as promiscuous, their appetite for.. ~ Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (American writer) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

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