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Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost

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Cat is a Half-Vampire who was raised to hate vampires and so hunts and kills them at night.


Student, vampire-hunter

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Half vampire—half human (Previous) Vampire (Currently)


=== Supernatural Abilities Upon changing into a vampire, Cat had unexpected surprises. For example, whenever she is upset her heart will occasionally beat. Also, she tried feeding from human blood and soon learned that she was not able to do so. Instead, she soon learned that she needed vampire blood to fulfill her basic nutritional needs. Whenever she fed on a Master vampire like Bones (Mencheres, Vlad, Spade) she would absorb their powers for an extended amount of time. Furthermore, upon being forced to drink Majestic's (Goul Queen) blood, she was also able to absorb powers over remnants, and even ghosts.

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Cat is has brilliantly red long hair, and pale perfect vampire like skin. She is tall and athletic but curved.

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Catherine Kathleen Crawfield, a half-human, half Vampire, born May 9, 1985. Lives in Licking Falls, Ohio. Cat lives with her mother and her maternal grandparents in a two-story house that was once a barn. Justina was date-raped by a vampire, and Cat was born fully developed a mere five months later. She was a vampire Hunter who started age 16 and later was the commander for a government operation set on killing bad vampires. Later she quit to be with her husband, Bones and soon after she decides to be changed into a vampire, but is only able to drink vampire and ghoul blood. Cat had red hair, grey eyes, is pale, curvy and about 5 foot 7. She also has a short fuse, but is a skilled fighter and is very strong willed. As a half-vampire, Cat has a mixture of human and vampire abilities. Her eyes glow green when she’s upset, unless she can control them. She’s stronger and faster than any human, and her hearing is better as well. She can see at night as easily as she can in the day. She’s never been sick a day in her life. However, her sense of smell is that of a human’s, and she does not have fangs or the ability to control minds. She has the circulatory and respiratory systems of a human, but her DNA has the same genetic structure—the same strain of mutation—as that of a vampire’s. Personality Traits: Cat’s favorite drink is a gin and tonic. She likes the night best and sometimes wanders until dawn. She describes herself as friendless and weird, but she’s just withdrawn and uncomfortable around people because of her secrets—and because she’s afraid of getting hurt again after what Danny did to her. She gets her hatred of vampires from her mother, and she often feels empty and guilt-ridden as she goes through life atoning for her bloodline. ~ Jeaniene Frost - Wikipedia

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name About
Parents: Justina Crawfield Maxmillian
Siblings: none

Daughter: Katie

Friends: Denise, Vlad Tepesh, Spade, Ian, Timmie, Kira, Mencheres
Spouses / Mates: "Bones
Boss(es): Don (uncle through her father's side)

Tate Juan Cooper Dave

Other Love interests: none 
Pets Van Helsing cat 

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