Blood Lite II- Overbite (Blood Lite -2) by Kevin J. Anderson

Blood Lite II: Overbite (Blood Lite #2) by Kevin J. Anderson

Blood Lite II: Overbite — Anthology

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Genre and Sub-GenresEdit

UF / PNR / Horror / Humor

Theme Edit

humorous horror

Editor and AuthorsEdit

Editor: Kevin J. Anderson (Sci-fi)

Contributors: Joel A. Sutherland (Myst-Thrillers, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fant), Daniel Pyle (Horror, Mystery), Kelley Armstrong (UF), Don D'Ammassa (Mystery), Lucien Soulban (Fant, Hor), John R. Little (Hor), L.A. Banks (UF, Horror), Mark Onspaugh (Sci-fi, Fant, Hor), Jordan Summers (PNR), Mike Baron (Sci-fi), Edward Bryant (Sci-fi, Fant, Hor), Brian J. Hatcher (Sci-fi, Fant, Hor), Aaron Polson (Horror, YA,), D.L. Snell (Horror, Myst, Sci-fi, Fant), Sam W. Anderson (Horror), Allison Brennan (mystery, romantic suspense), Sharyn McCrumb (Mystery, Thrillers), Eric James Stone (Sci-fi), Amy Sterling Casil (Sci-fi, Fant), Nancy Kilpatrick (erotic horror), Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fant, Horror), Derek Clendening (Horror), Mike Resnick (Sci-fi, Fant), Lezli Robyn (Sci-fi, Fant, Horror), Steve Rasnic Tem (Sci-fi, Fant, Horror, crime), Jeff Strand (Humor, Horror), Kevin J. Anderson & Janis Ian (?), Heather Graham (PNR, rom-suspense, hist-rom, vampire, time travel), Jeff Ryan (?), J.A. Konrath (Humor, Horror, myst), Christopher Welch (?), Scott Nicholson (Myst, Horror, Sci-fi, Fant)

NOTE: only two authors are UF writers. 


A collection of humorous horror from Kelley Armstrong, L.A. Banks, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham and many more outstanding stars of dark fiction.

Supernatural ElementsEdit

Vampires, Banshee, ghouls, creepy kids with weird powers, undead clowns, devil, Zombies, werewolves, demons, and assorted monsters, humans with tails, Native American god, Cthulhu Mythos, Ghoul Police

List of Stories Edit

Story Title Series and Order Number Author Supes Lead(s)
"Death and Taxes" none Heather Graham vampire
"Table for Two" none Jeff Ryan
"Treatment" none J.A. Konrath
"Dead Clown Séance" none Christopher Welch undead clowns
"The Day the Devil Swallowed a Heapin’ Helpin’ of Pride at the Beaulahville Gospel Jubilee none Scott Nicholson devil
"Piecemaker" none Don d’Ammassa
"Good Breeding" none Lucien Soulban Cthulhu Mythos
"Tails" none John R. Little humans with tails
"Dog Tired (of the Drama!)" none L.A. Banks werewolves
"A Sweet Girl for Todd" none Mark Onspaugh
"Dark Carbuncle" none Kevin J. Anderson & Janis Ian zombie
"Tastes Like Chicken" none Jordan Summers ghoul police
"Bad German" none Edward Bryant
"The Halloween War" none Brian J. Hatcher imaginary monsters vs. reality-based monsters
"Oh, the Ho-Ho Horror" none Joel A. Sutherland
"The Unfortunate Persistence of Harold Francis Beamish" none Aaron Polson
"Dick and Larry" none D.L. Snell
"Son of…a Bitch!" none Sam W. Anderson
"Her Lucky Day" none Allison Brennan
"A Wing and a Prayer" none Sharyn McCrumb Native American god
"Barewolf" none Daniel Pyle
"American Banshee" none Eric James Stone Banshee
"The Epicurean" none Amy Sterling Casil
"The Ghoul Next Door" none Nancy Kilpatrick Ghoul
"Daycare of the Damned" none Nina Kiriki Hoffman creepy kids: weird powers
"Season’s Tickets none Derek Clendening
"The Close Shave" none Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn
"Shaggy Dog Story" none Steve Rasnic Tem
"Eight-Legged Vengeance" none Jeff Strand
"Lucifer's Daughter" Women of the Otherworld Stories #10.2 Kelley Armstrong demons, werewolf Hope, Karl

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Synopsis by StoryEdit

"Death and Taxes"—Heather Graham

You really can't escape taxes, no matter your state of death.

"Table for Two"—Jeff Ryan

A nice guy takes his disgusting blob of a date to a nice resturaunt with some pretty gross effects.

"Treatment"—J.A. Konrath

"Dead Clown Séance"—Christopher Welch

Undead Clowns. What else is there to say?

"The Day the Devil Swallowed a Heapin’ Helpin’ of Pride at the Beaulahville Gospel Jubilee"—Scott Nicholson

"Piecemaker"—Don d’Ammassa

Cthulhu sketch by Lovecraft

A sketch of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft in 1934

"Good Breeding"—Lucien Soulban

Hysterical sendup of the Cthulhu Mythos.

"Tails"—John R. Little

Humans with tails and all their emotions played out by the movements and raising of this appendage.

"Dog Tired (of the Drama!)"—L.A. Banks

About a lonely beta werewolf out with her her alpha female for a night out.

"A Sweet Girl for Todd"—Mark Onspaugh

"Dark Carbuncle"—Kevin J. Anderson & Janis Ian

About a washed-up rock star who is brought back from the dead by his "true fans".❖ —  While not a pure zombie story, is a chuckle-worthy tale that will make you feel sorry for your favorite rockstar/band.❖

"Tastes Like Chicken"—Jordan Summers

ghoul police

"Presumptuous Beast Throws Sumptuous Feast"—Mike Baron

"Bad German"—Edward Bryant

"The Halloween War"—Brian J. Hatcher

The ideals of imaginary monsters vs. the reality-based monsters negotiating for control of Halloween

"Oh, the Ho-Ho Horror"—Joel A. Sutherland

"The Unfortunate Persistence of Harold Francis Beamish"—Aaron Polson

"Dick and Larry"—D.L. Snell

"Son of…a Bitch!"—Sam W. Anderson

A friendly golden retriever convinces his dumb neighbor who can hear him to go out and kill people.

"Her Lucky Day"—Allison Brennan — Free Story: Blood Lite II | Murder She Writes

"A Wing and a Prayer"—Sharyn McCrumb

The consequences of appointing a Native American god as a college department head.

"Barewolf"—Daniel Pyle

"American Banshee"—Eric James Stone

"The Epicurean"—Amy Sterling Casil

"The Ghoul Next" Door—Nancy Kilpatrick

"Daycare of the Damned"—Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Creepy kids with weird powers.

"Season’s Tickets"—Derek Clendening

"The Close Shave"—Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn

"Shaggy Dog Story"—Steve Rasnic Tem

"Eight-Legged Vengeance"—Jeff Strand

"Lucifer's Daughter"—Kelley Armstrong — Women of the Otherworld series #10.2

Horror equivalent of a Romantic comedy.❖ — Hope and Karl are back in the museum where they first met for a party. Karl unwillingly releases a demon when he steals an artifact.❖ — This story is narratored by Hope. Any story with Hope has her guy Karl and involves chaos, thievery, and usually demons. It takes place in the same museum that they met at 4 years ago.❖

~ Source: Goodreads | Blood Lite II: Overbite (Otherworld Stories, #10.2)

Cover ArtistEdit

Artist: Lisa Litwack ISFdb

Publishing InformationEdit

  • Publisher:
  • Book data:

Cover Blurb Edit

From the Horror Writers Association comes a brand-new collection of darkly humorous tales!

The Big Questions of Life (and Death)

Can a killer’s basement blood-feast be a tax write-off (under Entertainment)? Not if Vlad the IRS agent nails him first in Heather Graham’s "Death and Taxes."

What does a pack of hungry she-wolves do to solve their man troubles? Ladies Night Out takes a wicked turn in "Dog Tired (of the Drama!)" by L. A. Banks.

How far will an elite call girl go to beat a murder rap? Stuck with a dead client in a luxury L.A. hotel room, she might strike a costly bargain with a woman of unearthly powers in Allison Brennan’s "Her Lucky Day."

Who actually writes those tabloid stories about Bigfoot? Meet a journalist of the unexplained (she’s 50 percent demon) and her boyfriend (he’s 100 percent thief), as they heat up a museum exhibition that’s also a soul-snatching battleground in "Lucifer’s Daughter" by Kelley Armstrong. ~ Blood Lite II - Overbite, Vol. 2

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