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As a writer, a person, and a mother, I’ve always believed in following your dreams, following your heart. It’s also important to keep your heart, so I also believe in being prepared for zombie attacks and can’t stress enough the importance of having regular family drills so every member of the household is zombie-ready. One never knows. Make sure the sofa is ready to push in front of the door. Be clear that if a member of the family is on the wrong side of the door when the zombie action goes down. They remain on the wrong side of the door. The greater good, etc.

I live in Springfield, Oregon in a zombie-free home (except when meeting deadlines) with three cats, Amiga, Keats, and Emily and have two sons and three grandchildren and two granddogs. I’m the author of The Maker’s Song and Hoodoo series and short stories (the short stuff usually under Adrian Nikolas Phoenix). I love to read and see movies, enjoy hiking with my granddog, Cielo, (immortalized in Black Dust Mambo and Black Heart Loa), and hanging out with friends. I also love creepy things and yearns to go on a paranormal investigation. I also hope to do a haunted tour one day. ~ Adrian Bio


Urban Fantasy

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Series Title Genre Supernatural Elements
Maker's Song series UF Vampires, shifters, fallen angels, secret government organizations, secret projects, secret agents, magic, Underworld,
Hoodoo series UF Cajun hoodoo, soul-eating juju, black dust hex, sorcerer,

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Genre Key: ‘’’UF’’’=Urban Fantasy, ‘’’Rom-UF’’’=Romantic Urban Fantasy, ‘’’PNR’’’=Paranormal Romance, ‘’’YA‘’’=Young Adult, ‘’’YA-UF‘’’=Young Adult Urban Fantasy, ‘’’Noir-UF’’’=Noir Urban Fantasy, ‘’’UF-SciFi‘’’=Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi, ‘’’UF-Hor‘’’=Urban Fantasy-Horror, ‘’’PA-UF’’’=Post-Apocalyptic-UF, ‘’’Dys‘’’=Dystopian, ‘’’Mil-UF‘’’=Military-Urban Fantasy, ‘’’SP’’’=Steampunk

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